Who Am I?

My whole family always had pets, my sister and I were lucky enough to grow up with Ferdinand and Leopold, our two cats. From a very young age I was taught that you have to care of an animal and take responsibility for its well being. I’d say my parents have succeeded in this as I am an absolute animal lover and care for them more than I do for myself. That includes any animal from very small to very big and all the ones in between. I have to admit though that spiders get my stress levels up and my flight instinct kicking in.

Animals mean the world to me and I put them on the same level as humans. The family dog deserves the same respect and care as my nieces do. So when I am babysitting my nieces we will be baking dog treats Animals touch my heart and my soul. They are pure in their hearts and deserve to be loved and given the best treatment we can give. That is the least we can do for them, being our loyal and loving companions.

I am very grateful for Linda giving me the chance to do what I do best, looking after and loving animals. Linda has very high standards and morals when it comes to animals and I am glad that I meet her requirements to become a dog walker and animal minder.

Your dog’s joy is my goal, your cat’s meal is as important as my meal, your reptile’s mealworms will be served wiggly and alive and I will make sure your farm animal’s gate is locked behind me.

If you need someone to walk your dog, care for your animal of any kind (sorry, no direct contact with spiders or venomous snakes) or take care of your pet at your home when you’re away, I am all yours.

Please ask me anything concerning your pet, test me, question me. I’d rather have your trust than your doubt.

See you down the beach rolling around with dogs.

Carolin Siedler

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