About CatRescue 901 (formerly Cat Rescue Sydney)

In 2012 I liked a page on Facebook named Cat Rescue Sydney, as a fellow animal lover had liked it and so I liked it too. It was there that I found a beautiful bunch of people who run a no kill Cat Rescue in Sydney. They have lots of Volunteer foster parents who take in the cats into their own homes and love them until they find their forever home.

They take great pride in choosing a new family for these beautiful rescue babies to ensure they are going to fit in with other family members and other pets.

A little girl by the name of Esmerelda came up on their page one day, she was 17 years old and had been left at the pound. One of the Foster Carers stepped in and stopped this poor gorgeous black beauty going down the path to her death. Esmerelda lived with a foster carer and her son and their other furbabies for about 6 weeks. They had said that she was old but still spritely. I was all the way up here in Coffs, but I had to save her. So a background check was performed and before I knew it, Esmerelda was coming to live with me. What a delight this black beauty was. She fitted into our home with Tiger and I, she made our little family perfect. Esmerelda had a beautiful life with us for a year and a half, she had her own Facebook Page and all her followers kept up to date with her life with all her posts. Queen Essy we called her. QE passed away on August 25th 2014 of stomach cancer. I was so sad and missed her terribly and still do to this day. We had Essy cremated and she sits in her beautiful blue marble urn in our lounge room. Poor Tiger pined over her death and stopped eating. I rang Jenny at Cat Rescue and said I need another furbaby for Tiger he is missing Essy terribly, and not eating. Jenny said I think I have the perfect match for you.

Princess Pixie (tortoise shell) had been in Foster Care for 2 ½ years and was currently living with my friend Anna who introduced me to Cat Rescue Sydney. She sent me pics and I filled in all the paperwork and Pix was on her way, she flew from Sydney to Coffs and I picked her up. The rest is history, her and Tiger are lovers and they live a life of luxury in the palace. Pixie has been added to Esmereldas Facebook page and keeps everyone in the Cat Rescue world up to date with her antics and romantic relationship with Tiger. If you would like to follow Tiger or Pixie you can request their friendship via the links below. And if they ever stop grooming each other for long enough you may even get accepted. 🙂

10% of all giftware sold will be donated to Cat Rescue 901 to help continue their amazing work.

Tiger McSaggus


Princess Pixie


CatRescue 901 (formerly Cat Rescue Sydney)


Queen Esmerelda


Princess Pixie & Tiger

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